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Terry Rinkes Tractor Work
Landscape Construction & Materials
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"Give Us An Opportunity To Make Your Dreams Come True!!"
Landscape Construction & Renovation - Rock Work  -  Horse & Farm - Utilities - Septic & Sewer - Driveway - Grading and Drainage -  Construction Repair -
Tractor Work - Excavation - Materials Supply  
Landscape Construction & Renovation -
Residental  - Commercial

Rock Work -
Retaining walls - Staircases - Water features - Accents & Trafic control boulders

Horse & Farm -
Paddocks - Runs -  Feed lots - Mud control  - Manure Removal - Pasture Re-Seeding

Utilities - 
Power - Water - Sewer - Gas - Cable TV -  Phone

Septic & Sewer -
New construction - Repairs - Reversals Pump Replacements

Driveway -
New & Repair - Grading,  Rocking, & Paving

Grading and Drainage - 
Finish grading for drainage - AG Tiling - 30 year Warranted Basement resealing - Foundation drains - Catch Basins

Construction & Repair

Stump Grinding - 
"We grind more than just the top of the stump!" 

Tractor Work -
Custom tilling - Field mowing - Grading and Landscape Preperation Snow removal

Excavation - 
Site prep for New home - Barn Construction - Additions - Private & Public Roads & Driveways

Repair Services 
"24-hour Emergency Service"

Materials Supply
Manure - Composts - Barkdust - Topsoil - sandy loan amendments - Custom soil blends - Gravel crushed and round - Sand - Boulders - Pavers - Lawn seed

CCB #48563 LCB#8665 
Construction Professional #11425
           Department of Environmental Quality #36478add text.
horse arena
Boulder rock wall
clearing snow off parking lots
rockstair case and out cropings
terry equipment
fountain rock  placment &  hookup to water
fountain rock  placment & setup
Bird bath rock
boulder jetty wall on mollalla
Boulder jetty wall on molalla
jetty on the molallla river
jetty boulders
wisteria plant
waterfeature with pink dog wood
basalt pathway with flowerind
candy tuff
stonepatio  with  stone seat wall  with pink candy tuff  draping over
basaalt pathway
terry rinkes pond built  with basalt boulders
paver patio stone seat wall 
backed with boulder out cropings  stone slab stair case
redrock from beavercreek redland area water falls
drainfied line
gravel  pathways
Wood retaining wall with steel posts for wall and fence on top of wall ( bottom veiw )
Top view of level lawn above retaining wall
metal posts with metal framework for wood fence (gate detail)
Seed lawn preperation
Sod lawn preperation
Steel edged !/4-0 crushed gravel pathways
Basalt stepping stone pathway set in !/4-0 crushed gravel
Flag stone patio with flat rock stone seat wall
Lawn and gravel drive way preperation
Paver walk leading to gravel drive and newly prepared and seed lawn
Flat rock walls used to level up the seed lawn area
Seed lawn with flat rock wall

 (503) 632-6227
(503) 519-4561
Terry Rinkes Tractor Work
Landscape Construction & Materials